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   Peretz (Pery) Karin


Peretz Arie Karin

Nickname: Pery
House: School/Rhodes/Scott
Year: 1968-1968

1966 - School (Day boy)
1967 - Rhodes (Boarder)
1968 - Scott (Day boy)

After the independence of Kenya and in the early/mid 1960’s, the Prince of Wales School catered for its share of students out of the newly established Diplomatic community. As a part of the newly formed Israeli community in Nairobi, I enrolled to the PoW, and found myself at the heart of an old Colonial British establishment (See the film “Out of Africa”), struggling to adjust to the English tradition of Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Black Pudding, Lettuce sandwiches and “cuts” as performed by Mr David Hogge.

I fondly remember my contemporary Israeli friends (among others), that went with me through the PoW/NS :
  • Eli Ezer – Fletcher House – Prefect
  • Izac Sharf – Fletcher House
  • Ron Katzler - Rhodes - Prefect.
  • Gabi Spitzer - Hawke
  • Boaz Rogan - Nicholson
  • Ofer Goren - Hawke
  • Nathan Frim – Fletcher/Clive

  • While at school, in June 1967 back in Israel the “Six Days War” unleashed. I fondly remember the sympathy and support given to me by Mr. Bill Woodhouse who understood the concerns I had at the time.
  • A special place in school was the Art shop of Mr. Keith Harrington, opened for us his own house, creating a unique refuge in the school environment to enable the further development of artistic skills of students interested in art.
  • Basketball games at the Loretto Convent playgrounds, under the American imported coach Mr. Azoy and with no girls in sight. This practice was too revolutionary for the traditional PoW sports environment, and was terminated mid year when Mr. Azoy left.
  • I can remember a soccer match between School House (Day Boys) and Scott (Boarders). School where Losing “Big time”. I was the goal keeper, and out of frustration in the lack of any effective defense, I left my goal, charged forward, and scored the only goal for School House. The game ended at 9 to 1! I remember the face of Mr. Bill McCormick upon our return to School House. He was expecting the loss, but could not figure where the 1 came from!
  • In Rhodes House, we had one portable record player with only one record of Jim Reeves to play. To date I am still fond of “Snowflake” and “Distant Drums” tunes which we must have heard repeatedly over a thousand times in the compulsory afternoon outdoor breaks.
  • I recall a night, solving the problem of the very loud snoring orchestrated by Sandro Finotti in the long dark dormitory, by moving him (with others) while asleep into the Laundry big drawer. Finotti’s sleep was not disturbed to the next morning.

    About myself:
    I left Nairobi School in 1968 to join the Israeli Air Force Technical Collage. I served in the IAF for 23 years to retire as Lt. Colonel, Specializing in Electronic systems. For 11 years I was also flying A-4 Skyhawk jets and loved every minute I spent in the air.

    After retirement from the IAF I became a “Gun Dealer” working on Defense Industry high tech. projects in the U.S., Australia and India.

    I am a graduate of the Tel-Aviv University in African studies and Political science (among other things). Those studies widened my understanding of the Colonial era and the roll of the PoW in this tradition. (Nigeria and Kenya have a vast influence over my childhood).

    Today I live in Canberra, Australia. Married to Beverley, an ex-Pommie from South Yorkshire, have three adult children, and I am customised to Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding, AFL and Aussie Cricket. I still miss Mrs. Gray’s Upside dawn Strawberry cake, the only treat on the Rhodes Menu.

    I would love to get in touch with my friend at the time, Vallerio Fiorotto, if any one knows his whereabouts.
    Pery Karin - 1968
    Swimming Gala April 1968, my last day in Nairobi School - (I'm on the left)

    Pery Karin IAF Flying Taigers - 1987
    Pery Karin IAF Flying Taigers - 1987

    Pery Karin - 2009
    Pery Karin - 2009

    (Registered - 19th February 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Pery, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details