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   Nitin Kantaria


Nitin Kantaria

House: Fletcher/Hawke
Years: 1969-1972

Memories of the School:
Remember the following staff:
  • Fred Dollimore - Headmaster
  • John Packwood - Deputy Headmaster
  • Ferdi Keon for English/French
  • Mrs Migwe for Swahili
  • Mrs Angood for chemistry
  • Keith Harrington for art
  • Mrs Randell for biology

    Great sausage rolls and apple turnovers at the tuck shop!

    Since leaving the School:
    Went to Barnet College in Herts and then UWIST in Cardiff, Wales.

    Since 1988, have been involved in the real estate industry in Toronto mainly in multi-unit residential, and also hold a realtor's licence.

    (Registered - 3rd May 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Nitin, please Click Here to e-mail him