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   Timothy Kaloki


Timothy Kaloki

Nickname: Kalo
House: Naivasha(Junior)/Tana(Fletcher)/Elgon(Clive)
Years: 1975-1980

Houses: Naivasha - 1975, Tana - 1976, Elgon 1977-1980

Memories of School:
  • Friday parades were great!
  • Tea trades and a host of domestic talents were picked up.
  • Great times with pals along the way.
  • Some great guys: P Ndiba, J Miringu, Ritchie Kariuki, (the late) Ken Kamande, E Kiplangat, James Kamau
  • Great teachers: Mr Kinuthia (I met him recently in Sarit and we agreed that if you hadn't gone to school in Patch then you hadnt been to ........! ), 'Bunsen Burner ' Njoroge, Kibumbu, Awori
  • Great discipline: Mudasia Kadasia

    All in all, a truly memorable and important time of my life.

    Since leaving school:
    Nagpur University 1981-86 MA Econs
    Currently: Sales Director - Bamburi Cement Ltd
    I reside in Nairobi

    (Registered - 12th June 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Timothy, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details