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   Tommy Joseph


Tommy Joseph

House: Hawke
Years: 1955-1959

In October 1959 I moved with the family to Israel having completed the Kenya Regiment.

In 1960 I was called up into the Israeli army and served as a truck driver for the Navy. After two years, in fact in May 1962, I was chosen as soldier of the year (thanks to my Kenya Reg. training!!) and so a year later finally finished with the military.

I now completed a University course becoming a qualified Tourist Guide and just my luck NO TOURISTS due to the security situation! So I now joined the Layam Co. Ltd. which is a sister company to the Zim National Navigation Co. Here I gradually worked my way up to becoming chief Sales Manager of the sales department. This dealt with Duty Free goods. Sales were to the United Nations Forces, Diplomats and Religious Institutes.

In November 1964 I got married to Carmella and we have two children Micky (b. 1970) and a daughter Dana(b. 1977).

After 33 years I decided in 1997 to leave the company and to enjoy life as my theory is that there must be more to life than just work!! A year later after a lot of research I wrote a book WHY THERE WERE JEWS IN NAKURU. This is about the congregation of which, apart from Kenyans, hardly anyone knew had existed. It is now being used as a reference book in Oxford University.

Living in Haifa, Israel.

(Registered 26th Feb 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Tommy, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details