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   Wayne Job


Wayne Job

House: Scott
Year: 1963-1967

Memories of School:
Getting beaten and gated by "Storky" and Head of House for smoking and some night-time sorties; taking the over-night train, or hitch-hiking, back home to Kampala; great rugby games, especially against the Yankees from RVA and a punch-up with EAP&L; swim meets, including against those East German steroidal "women"; joining the school choir & band in order escape on visits to Boma, Loreto, etc; meeting girl friends at the movies downtown; learning guitar from George Kosmetos; those were my days as a Uganda boarder at the PoW camp!

After School:
  • Universities & Colleges: British Columbia, Carleton, Ottawa & Algonquin (couldn't decide on a career path !)
  • Currently a manager with the Comptroller General of Canada (Government of Canada: www.canada.gc.ca)
  • Living in Ottawa, Ontario - the coldest national capital after Ulan Batur, Mongolia (today, 23rd Jan 2003, currently minus 37 deg. C with the wind-chill factor)
  • I have somewhat adapted over the years by taking up alpine skiing (Mont Tremblant: www.tremblant.com)
  • 3 kids: Alex (27), Antonio (14), Stella (11)

    I would be interested in hearing from PoW Alumni in my part of the world.

    (Registered - 23rd January 2003)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Wayne, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details