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   Norman Jesson


Norman (Norm) John Jesson

House: Scott
Year: 1956-1958

No nickname but mostly called 'Limey'..... I think because of my broad Birmingham accent.

Left Kenya to UK. Couple of years internal audit while studying. Joined Birmingham City Police for two years. Changed to Birmingham Fire Brigade for next seven years.

Migrated to Australia in December 1970, and in January 1971 joined the Fire Brigade Dept of Defence in Woomera South Australia. Joined Commonwealth Police 1979 in Canberra (this became Australian Federal Police). Went back to Woomera for further 5 years. Moved to Victoria then became investigator for Social Security (Centrelink). For last ten years was security officer with TNT.

Retired in July 2007, and live at Taradale, Victoria (nr Castlemaine) on six acres with four dogs, five goats and a horse.

Recollections of PoW:
When people ask what it was like at boarding school in mid 50's Kenya I always ask if they have read Tom Browns Schooldays, but then add that it was only similar. I remember when the new chapel was being built we had a school fete to help raise funds and at the time there was a pineapple slump so one of the farmers dropped a truck load of pineapples on the grass right in front of the main building. We sold them for 50c each or three for a shilling. There was a sudden home brew craze, at least in Scott House, but not having the expertise there were bottles blowing up all over the place.

The other thing among many was when one of the lads made a perfect replica of a cannon in brass with a screw threaded into the base. Through this he had drilled a fine hole and we went onto the front lawns one weekend with the Chinese crackers you could buy and loaded it with a ball bearing. I cannot remember the exact results but I do know that the noise was earshattering and we quickly gave the experiment away.

Great times, fantastic memories, too many to mention. I have included two photo's taken at the school (below), developed and printed by Roger Wooller and a few helpers. The darkroom was just the lockers pushed together leaving a space in the centre with a blanket over the top. At the word 'go', the blanket was ripped away for a short count and the photo then printed. The reason they have no borders is that we had no masks so the borders came out black and were trimmed off.

I went back to Kenya eight years ago and paid a visit to the old school. My, has it changed, not in looks but in other ways. The old temporary classrooms from my day were still there and in use.

I wonder whatever happened to that lovely silver rooster we used to compete for? Cock House!!!
(Note from Webmaster: I saw "the cock" in September 2007, in the Principal's office. It is still competed for, and is presented to the best house on the basis of 4th year exams)

Norm Jesson
Norm Jesson in mid-1958 on the Scott House dormitory balcony

Prince of Wales School Chapel - 1958
The Chapel in the process of being built - late 1958

(Registered - 25th October 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Norm, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details