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   Abdallah B. Jamal


Abdallah B. Jamal

Nickname: Dikkie
House: Junior Day/Grigg
Years: 1969-1972

I had no particular claim to fame, except coming 1st or 2nd in class the 4 years I was there..... (always competed with Sethi and Rodrigues)

Fondly remember all my days in Nairobi School....even getting cuts from Packwood during my first year for skipping Saturday detention.

Most disliked lunch call: "for what we are about to receive..... -RHUBARB!!"
Favourite dessert: steam pudding
Worst dessert: rice pudding
.....and I still can't get the taste of marmite sandwiches out of my mouth!

Goriest recollection: Shantidatt (sp?) getting his face back-sticked at goal during hockey warm-up - his upper lip was severed from his face and was hanging by a thin piece of skin (1968).

Currently in Vancouver, BC Canada
Architect - run my own practise from my home-office

Image of Grigg/Hawke Dining Room 1984
Abdallah outside Grigg/Hawke Dining Hall (August 1984)

(Registered - 7th February 2004, Updated 3rd April 2006)

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