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   Tom Jacobs


Thomas Edward Buxton (Tom) Jacobs

House: Nicholson
Year: 1959-1964

Pity we didn't have the Internet 30 years ago!

I have quite a lot of photos of School because photography was, and, to a certain extent, still is a hobby of mine. I was in Nairobi in 1995, 1997, & 1999 and took some more recent photos including the new Nairobi High School sign board.

I might say that except for a coat of paint, replacement of some doors and windows, and oil lane markings on the athletics track instead of whitewash, the place looks much as it used to. Of course the sign boards outside each house have the new names.

I went to Kitale Primary School and we also have an old pupil society with some 400 to 500 members, and they have had reunions in England in 2000 (approx 100 attendees), Johannesburg in 2001 (approx 120 attendees). Also in Kitale in December 2002 (I don't know if it actually happened). Another reunion is planned for October 2003 in Perth, Australia.

Living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

(Registered - 2nd July 2003)

If anyone wishes to contact Tom, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details