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   Thomas Hughes


Thomas Keith Hughes

Nickname "Haggis"
House: Hawke/Nicholson/Grigg
Year: 1942-1946

I started at the Prince of Wales School in May 1942, which was mid-school year of course. Apart from myself, I think the only other new boys were Peter Horn and Michael Trafford. My father worked at the Uplands Bacon Factory so my train journey from Uplands to where the train stopped by the school (this was before the line was rerouted) was only an hour or so.

I was allocated to Hawke House and placed in the Junior Dorm which was the dormitory furthest from the Clock Tower in the main building. This was a multi-House dorm and I did not move to the Hawke Junior dorm until the following year. Hawke Junior dorm was a wooden building situated near the Gym. Next to the Junior dorm was the Senior dorm - which was built of mbati.

To my disgust, I was one of the "unfortunes" who were conscripted to join Nicholson House when it was created in 1944 and we were accommodated in a new block up near the 7LO radio station.

The photo of Hawke House 1943 brought back many memories that is me standing immediately behind our Housemaster, "Johnny" Johnson ,slightly to his left and resplendent in my braided blazer. I remember John Heppes and Donald Chambers, both Prefects and to me as a second year sprog they and their fellow Prefects were to be treated with respect. Another face is familiar - "Muffs" Murrell, he is on the left of the photo, below and between the three tall lads right at the back. "Muffs" and "Stooge" Stocker and I in 1952 (long after we had left school) spent a hilarious week sailing on the Norfolk Broads, but that's another story!

My final year or so were spent as "stinker" in Grigg House and I left school at the end of 1946. Among my fellow "stinker" friends were Alf McIntyre, Brian Purves, Rex Ingrams, George Henry, Walter Scott. I hope they have all prospered and remember, as I do, those times with great affection.

(Registered 28th April 2005)

If anyone wishes to contact Thomas, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details