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   Dan Hughes


C.D.A. 'Dan' Hughes

House: Nicholson
Year: 1957-1960

On leaving PoW at the end of 1960, early the next year I joined the British South Africa Police in Rhodesia as a constable. A number of other PoW lads joined that Force, Johnny Radford (Rhodes?) made himself known whilst I was in training depot. Ian Horley (also Nicholson and a mate from Mombasa days) arrived in training depot soon after. 'Dago' Grimwood who had been one of my prefects in Nicholson was stationed at one of the suburban stations in Salisbury and in 1972 I took charge of the CID theft from car section in Salisbury from John 'Biffo' Nicholson, a contemporary from sister house Rhodes. When I joined we still did horse patrols out in the districts, but progress and the terrorist conflict saw those phased out, although the army successfully raised an armed cavalry unit during the terrorist campaign.

I completed 21 interesting and varied years in the BSAP, retiring in 1982 as a Chief Superintendent in the fraud squad, two years after the Country changed its name to Zimbabwe. Re-settling in the U.K. I now have nearly 19 years service as a fraud investigator with the Department of Trade and Industry. The lawyer on my selection board was ex-Kenya police - I think that may have helped!

Through the links in the 'Friends United' website I made contact with Nicholson contemporary John Quinnell who now lives out in the States, and one or two old mates from the Duke of York (I was not fussy!). Only went back to Kenya once, on my first leave in 1963, to lie on the beach at Malindi and drink a cold Tusker. As Treasurer of the UK branch of the BSA Police Regimental Association I get to see many ex Rhodesian colleagues passing through London, and it was a really pleasant surprise to find the Old Cambrian network alive and kicking also. Strength to your elbow Mr Secretary, you are doing a wonderful job, and it's a great website

(Registered 5th March 2005)

If anyone wishes to contact Dan, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details