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   Jim Hirsch


Jim Hirsch

House: Grigg
Years: 1965-1967

Memories of school:
Major shock and trauma on arriving in Jan 1967, since I had never been away from home and felt pretty bad about being dumped in the school. However, over the 3 years I was there I gradually worked out how to organise my life a bit better and started to enjoy the place a lot more, particularly sports (squash, swimming, running and rubgy) and Sunday afternoons going illegally off the campus and having tea in a local hotel with Ashok Sethi. I particularly enjoyed the last couple of terms as a prefect in Junior House with fags under my total control. It seems amazing now that that happened in my lifetime, but it was fun for me and we had a great trip for the house up Longonot.

After leaving school:
I got reasonable A levels, a degree from London university and started teaching, which was another big shock, having never had much to do with your average English secondary modern school kids. After 3 years I went to Italy to teach in an International school and after 6 years of that, decided that I'd had enough and computers were more interesting than kids, so I re-trained and have worked in various jobs in a software house in Birmingham, UK.

I've been back to Kenya once in 1994 with my 2 children and enjoyed a visit to the school which didn't look so different. Also enjoyed seeing the main quadrangle in the film 'Out of Africa'.

(Registered - 18th Oct 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Jim, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details