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   Alex Hamlyn


Alex Hamlyn

House: Rhodes
Years: 1953-1957

PoW Memories: - mixed. Mateships, sport, and the devilment we got up to was great. Disipline and acedemic components were a 'pain'.

Career: Usual run of the mill stuff, Joined KCC, National Service with the Kenya Regiment, and then to college for 3 years in Scotland on a scholarship.

Then went back to Kenya for a few years, Nairobi, Thomsons Falls, Eldoret. Played quite a bit of hockey and rugby. Got married to a Danish Peace Corps girl (Lizzi) and we decided to get the hell out of Africa. Not the place to raise a family.

Been in Australia for 35 years. Aussi has been very good to us. Arrived in Brisbane on the Thursday, interviw on the Friday, started with the Dept of Primary Industries on the Monday. Similarly Lizzi with the Qld University. Both of us have been with them ever since, although I changed from DPI Dairying to DPI Fisheries about 15 years ago. 3 daughters and one grand daughter (and a grand son to come in a few months). We all live within a km or so of each other, which is nice. I am 64 now, and we are both considering retiring in the next few of years. Hard decision, as there are not many jobs where you get paid to go fishing!

(Registered 6th Aug 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Alex, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details