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   Mohamed Ali Haji


Mohamed Ali Haji

House: Marsabit (Scott)
Years: 1988-1991

Since leaving School:
Joined University of Nairobi: BSc(Physics and Math.) 1993-1997 then MSc (Information Systems) 2002-2004

I am now an I.T. professional, and I will be seeking a parliamentary seat of Wajir South constituency in the forthcoming Kenyan general elections.

Mohamed Ali Haji
Mohamed Ali Haji, Wajir South Constituency
E-mail: hajimohamedali@gmail.com

Wajir South Constituency is located in Kenya’s vast semi-arid, mainly pastoralist, North Eastern Province, an area that bears testimony to the effects of not only neglect by past governments, but also poor leadership since independence. The area is characterized by insecurity and conflict mainly over resources, poverty, and disease, lack of water, poor infrastructure, food insecurity and fluctuating education standards. Mohamed’s five-year Strategic Plan covers 7 areas: Security; Education; Health; Water and pasture for pastoral activities; Market Access; Infrastructure and Energy; and Women and Youth. An IT professional, Mohamed holds a MSc. degree in information systems and a BSc. in Maths and Physics from the University of Nairobi. Mohamed has been the Information and Documentation Manager at the NEPAD Kenya Secretariat. Having participated in the NEPAD-APRM process in Kenya he has intimate knowledge of the county’s development challenges. He is amongst a group of young Political Leadership Development Programme professionals from the Province who are committed to the delivery of a more coherent, integrated, realistic and sustainable development programme for the region.

Vision Statement: To lead the Wajir South Constituency and the marginalized communities’ resident there in achieving better standards of living through attracting and harnessing focused and realistic development initiatives through a participatory leadership.

(Registered - 29th August 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Mohamed, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details