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   Barrie Hailstone


Barrie Lloyd Hailstone

House: Nicholson
Years: 1956-1958

Joined the school in Jan 1956 as a day boy, then as a border middle of year. Left Dec 1958

Memories of School:
Well, I can say I did enjoy it, but being the son of a serving British army officer, I did get a little stick to begin with. I suppose I may be remembered for cutting hair of fellow students. I charged 50 cents a time where the Asian barbers charged 1 Shilling fifty at a time. As we had to have a minimum of 4 haircuts a term everyone was in pocket. I cut 'Pa' Wright's as well as 'My way' Blatcher, Assistant Housemaster. I also remember well when a number of us got drunk on home made pineapple beer. Hodinott was the master brain behind it.

Since leaving School:
Went to work for a company called Hollerith, [as did Derek Arthur, Richard O'Molony and Mike ? of Clive House], which was also known as British Tabulating company, which then changed to ICT - International Computers Ltd., then to ICL, but I had left by then. Was a service engineer servicing data processing equipment. I left as got as far as I could. The company policy at the time was you had to be 30 before you joined the first rung of management. I was offered a job by one of the clients I served and became their Data Processing Manager, installing their first computer systems. From there I moved into underwriting and then on to become a Director of a noted Lloyds broker. Since February 1993 I have run my own Insurance Broking company, specialising in Marine Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Still working and enjoying it.

Married early and divorced after 10 years. I have 3 children from this marriage whom I gained full custody of being one of the first fathers to so under the new divorce laws of 1971. Remarried in 1976 to a wonderful lady, Maureen, and we have a lovely daughter - Nicola - 18 and finishing her "A" levels this June (2008). I am a grandfather to 4 offspring. I presently reside on the Isle of Wight - since December 2002, returning to the land of my birth.

Would be more than pleased to hear from anyone. Have been trying to contact Alan Westcob through Friends Reunited but no luck.

(Registered - 4th May 2008)

If anyone wishes to contact Barrie, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details