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   John Greenly


John Greenly

House: Hawke in 1946/Clive 1947-51
Years: 1946-1951

  • Headmaster - Fletcher whose nickname was Flakey
  • Teddy Boase, my Housemaster, Clive was the in the main school block along with Scott
  • Eric Balson was Head of Scott House, most capped player in the school - became my brother in law in 1955.
  • Paul Englebrecht was in Hawke when I was there, also my brother in law, wife was Edith used to live at Gilgil, moved to SA - since deceased also Edith.
    The were other teachers, mainly remembered by their nicknames
  • 'Swish' taught Physics, and was handy with the cane
  • 'Munya' Cobb, I think Housemaster of Rhodes House
  • 'Randy' Anderson - taught carpentry, classroom was at the back of main school, near the cycle sheds which were outside Clive/Scott dining room.

    Flag parade always Saturday, I played bass drum in the band also member of the CCF, memories of cleaning and blancoing that bloody rope which held the drum together live on, also brasso, and nuggett for our boots, hours of work for parade,

    I left school, joined the Kenya Police Training scool. Was at Nyeri Station called Karatina for the Mau Mau, assisted in the arrest of Mr. Kenyatta, I was then with the newly formed General Service Unit made up of white police officers and police constables and other ranks all from the Northern Frontier (they had special uniform); another story.

    Left Police, joined the motor trade OMT (Overseas Motor Transport) importers of Morris, Rolls Royce and Bentley, sold some of the first Morris Minor cars imported to Kenya after the war. Was with motor trade in Kenya until 1969, emigrated to South Africa with wife Terry (Teresa née Klapprott) and my four daughters, and continued in motor trade.

    Left South Africa in 1993 for England, joined motor trade, retired 1999, and now live the Hertfordshire.

    (Registered - 19th June 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact John, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details