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   John Gatti


John Gatti

House: Hawke
Years: 1960-1965

Memories of School:
  • all the Hawke prefects in David Hogge's living room with him and Peter Newling trying to get a musical note out of Peter Newling's clarianet and only succeeding in distressing the cows on the other side of the valley.
  • maths lessons in Peter Newling's house with beer and game pie
  • 'liberating' thunderflashes from the CCF stoes and fighting battles in the valley behind Hawke House
  • a glut of strawberries when Dave Allen's father (an early pioneer of flying fruit to the UK) missed the plane
  • cross country runs and the dreaded pipe across the swamp, if you were a tail ender (and I often was) you fell in
  • when the porridge wasn't burnt the milk was sour
  • being coached by the British Lions, I particularly remember Mike Gibson
  • Freddy Schwentafsky scoring the only points for East Africa against the Springboks
  • safari ants disrupting the First XV match with DoY

    Since leaving School:
    After graduating in Chemical Engineering, I studied business and accountancy and have never practiced any of these skills. I started life as a project engineer in the motor industry and then joined British Steel as an internal auditor. In 1980 I went to work for the Europeean Commission as a National Expert for 2 years to help the Commission's efforts to restucture the European steel industry. I never came back. I am now a fully fledged Eurocrat evaluating large mergers.

    I live in Belgium

    (Registered - 18th March 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact John, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details