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   Sandro Finotti


Sandro Finotti

Nickname: Sandy
House: Rhodes
Years: 1966-1969

Never in a thousand years would I have thought of looking up for the Old Cambrians Society on the Internet. It so happens that I was doing one of those family name searches and I came across my brothers name with a caption “Prince of Wales Soccer team”, as you can well imagine I clicked on the link, and there it was ...... a photo of the Prince of Wales School - Soccer Senior Colts Team – 1963.

I went through the page and looked at all the photos. What memories it brought back, seeing all my old school friends and my two elder brothers, they were also in Rhodes House.

Since leaving School:
  • In 1970 I got my PPL (Private Pilots flying License) ...... Shortly after that I went to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) where I met up with my elder brother (Fosco Finotti)
  • I started working for a crop spraying company as an apprentice aircraft mechanic and at the same time I got my CPL (Commercial Pilots License). I then left the grease monkey job, and started flying for the same company, as a crop sprayer.
  • Early in 1972 I joined the Rhodesian SAS.
  • In 1978 I went to Nigeria, where I joined up with my other brother (Mauro Finotti). We were both working on the construction of a new glass factory.
  • In 1981 I got itchy feet again, and I went to South America (Venezuela) where I spent the next 19 years, started my own business, got married and divorced (left the business to the ex-wife), and I went and worked on a gold mine for the last 7 years of my stay in Venezuela.
  • I moved to the USA at the end of 2000, where I am living at the moment. I have a small business remodeling and fixing houses.

    (Registered - 10th March 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Sandro, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details