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   Martin Erisat


Martin Erisat

Nickname: Eri
House: Tana(Fletcher)/Kirinyaga(Grigg)
Year: 1987-1990

Memories of School:
  • 'Trades' and hiding plates, sneaking bread and jam tarts for the Head of House and Prees
  • QUAD in the late nights and early mornings
  • Writing sets of school rules with impossible deadlines to meet
  • Headmaster's assembly after chapel on Sundays and making sure I was not caught out
  • Standing for inspection with bed made in half and worrying whether the contents in my locker were straight enough
  • Rugby and hammering RVA & Lenana School, etc.

    I am today proud to say that Nairobi School turned me into a man who can today stand tall and proud

    Since leaving School:
    I went on to attend Daystar University & Westminser, and now work as a design consultant in England.

    I live in Kent, England.

    (Registered - 23rd March 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Martin, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details