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   Graham Duirs


Graham Duirs

House: Scott
Years: 1959-1963

Emigrated to New Zealand, entered Ag Science industry, specialised in bovine lactational physiology and then drug delivery systems for animal health treatments. Established own company manufacturing animal health products.

A bit strange digging up the Kenya past which is but a faint memory, but surprisingly they seem like enjoyable times. Old contacts of interest: kaffir Manuel, Alex Boscovic, Stephen Bond. Old teachers: Stalky, Charlie Hurst (smack your face) Siffy Say, etc.

I see Michael Brookes' name in the list - his old man caned me severely at Kitale School, no doubt deservedly.

(Registered - 19th January 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Graham, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details