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   Ian Donaldson


Ian Donaldson

House: Clive
Years: 1957-1960

Memories of School: Hail from Nanyuki, and Nyeri primary. When one thinks of "Prinso" probably the first thing that comes to mind is the wooden classrooms, the prim and proper Miss Ridley, and the French teacher who stuttered (WW2 casualty). Other memories include my sticking a box of pins in Miss Ridley's chair and ripping her rubber corset to shreds...poor Jeff Peacock copped the blame for that one as he burst out laughing. Years later I met the housemaster of Grigg/Nicholson (Mr McGregor?) in Hong Kong who was in the education ministry of that place, and I owned up to that one. The CCF and how it helped our night raids on "The Boma"; "Jake's" talk about the birds and bees in the bio lab; standing outside the prefects office arms outstretched with books as punishment for some indiscretion; Johnny Riddell the PTI and that bloody bat we had to sign if introduced to. Mr (6ft 13")Saville the English teacher who taught me to write proper!!!; Mr Phillips who tried to teach history but was so easily sidetracked into discussing next weeks' rugby match. Another memory is the occupation of the school by the Congo refugees.

Since leaving School: Tried to finish schooling at Croydon College London but couldn't stand the cold. Migrated to Australia mid 1961, joined the Aussie Navy and saw lots of the world, between mid-Indian ocean and Hawaii in Pacific ocean, Japan and Antarctica. In Melbourne (Vic) met and married a girl from Loretta Convent; have two sons from that marriage, now both adults and have their own businesses in Perth (W.A), one in finance other in architecture. On leaving the navy I joined the domestic airline TAA, which later became Qantas. Somewhere around 1980 my marriage failed, and six years later re-married a Perth (W.A) lady with an established family of her own. After 29 years in the aviation industry as a Load Master my "used by" date was up, so decided to work for my wife as a driver trainer (and still do) as she owned a driving school. For the past 13 years have been living in tropical Townsville, north Queensland.

(Registered 13th May 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Ian, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details