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   Tony Dingwall


Tony Dingwall

Nickname: Dingy
House: Intermediate/Hawke
Years: 1958-1962

  • Great friends Len Pearce, Freddy Schwentafsky
  • Going out on Sundays on Len's motor bike.
  • Sneeking out one night to go to the drive-in in a borrowed 1920 ford, running out of petrol on the way back to school and being found out the next day. Being demoted from being a prefect as a result - a pretty serious consequence in those days!!
  • Stephany Larte de Langature - aaah (by the way her dad was not only a good French teacher, but a great guy) - I wonder where she is today.
  • Having Sue, my American girlfriend, whilst I was a prefect, living just across the main road from Rhodes house. Sneaking off to visit her in the middle of the night and having her walk across the playing fields also in the middle of the night to visit me in the Hawke prefect's study.
  • Sports Rugby Union, Boxing
  • Housemaster Mr Phillips and his assistant Mr (Pansy) Potter - both great guys. Also had Mr Hogge, whilst Mr Phillips was on holiday for a term. I used to babysit for Mr & Mrs Phillips when they went out.

    Since leaving School:
  • Emmigrated with family to Australia in 1963
  • My father bought a farm in Bathurst NSW
  • Joined ICL in Sydney as a computer operator soon after arriving in Australia. Stayed with ICL for the next 18 years.
  • My brother Paul remained on the farm with my father
  • Father sold the farm in 1969 and bought a block of holiday flats in Nelson Bay NSW
  • Transferred to ICL Perth in 1970 for two years before returning to Sydney
  • Left ICL to work for a company, in Sydney, called Tart Research (no we didn't research what the name implies, unfortunately) a market research company where I worked for the next 17 years until the company was sold, then closed down.
  • Worked for a Computer Consultant company, also in Sydney, for a year until the company went broke and the boss shot through owing all the staff wages, holiday pay and superannuation!
  • I then worked for News Limited in the market research dept for a couple of years till that too closed down.
  • I then started working as a freelance system's analyst/ programmer, specialising in small business database applications. I am still doing that as I write. I fear though that my used-by-date is drawing nigh.
  • Moved to Brisbane with my lovely partner of 10 years, Ann-Louise Savage in 2000. Ann-Louise is a Real Estate agent - a very successful, honest and ethical one.
  • I would love, now, to go back to the land. The holiday I enjoy most is visiting my brother Paul on his farm/horse stud. A year or so ago I looked after the place for him whilst he and his wife went on a 6 weeks overseas holiday - I loved it!
  • Ann-Louise and I are trying to figure out a way that we could live on the land and make a living as well - not an easy task!
  • I have two daughters from my previous marriage to Sandra - Lisa (32) and Christie (30). They both live in Surfers Paradise as does Sandra with whom I have a very amicable friendship.
  • Lisa has two children - Stephen (10) and Suzanne (8)
  • Christie also has two children - Nicholas (3) and Jake (18mths)

    Family in Australia:
  • Clive (ex Hawke) in Sydney
  • Paul (ex Hawke) in Young, NSW
  • Georgette Felton (ex Kenya High School - "boma") in Newcastle
  • Peter (ex St Marys) in Canberra (magistrate)

    (Registered - 6th April 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Tony, please Click Here to e-mail him