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   John Dawkins


John Haswell Dawkins

Nickname: Wilbur
House: Grigg
Years: 1960-1965

  • Tough first year in Junior House - I've never been respectful enough of my seniors.
  • Four years in Grigg before returning to Junior for my last year
  • My claim to fame was to win the competition for the national fund-raising (Tokyo) Olympics stamp, and have it in all the papers.
  • I won the Art prizes for my last few years, so have a special affection for the Art masters - I've even got a water colour of Sims' (I think that was his name) that hung in Junior house for years.
  • I look back on my time at the 'PoW' (which was always stuck on our trunks to get them safely from the train to school) as a time of order and security, which I now realise, made sense of me fitting well into IT for a career (creating ordered systems), in London, Saudi, and York - where we are now.
  • From school I went to Theological College for a London Dip Theol, then into IT. But I've come back to the Theol, (my parents were missionaries for 50+ years), by getting ordained (CofE) more recently, working in voluntary mode...... (It must be in the genes - my son is getting ordained too.)

    Two people I'd like to hear from/about, who haven't surfaced so far, are Peter Knight (Rhodes, Head of School 1965), and Phillip Eyre (Grigg to 1965) who was a terrific swimmer and long-jumper, and enjoyed Art too.

    (Registered - 13th November 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact John, please Click Here to e-mail him