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   Edward David


Edward David

Nickname: Ted
House: Clive
Years: 1952-1956

Memories: Very happy days - I think of the fabulous grounds and the 30-odd playing fields that we enjoyed!! Eton cannot compare!!!

It took us 4 days to get to school - leaving Dar-es-Salaam on Monday evening @ 10 p.m. traveled by train/bus/train to arrive in Nairobi on Thursday morning!!! I remember it well!!! Years later we would fly on EAAC DC3’s - Nairobi-Mombasa-Tanga-Zanzibar- and finally arrive in what a wonderful place - Dar-es-Salaam in about 4 hours!!!!

A stream of memories, .....how the Herd brothers 'swiped' the cakes on a Saturday night at Loreto Convent while the girls were watching a movie....etc., etc. - one could write a book.

The boys 'borrowing' Mr. Goldsmith’s Ford Prefect to go the The Equator Club at night... ..next morning he would complain that he did not recall leaving his car in the spot that he found it....!!!!

Our French teacher - great guy - Baldy Lamont - went to JAIL [!!!!] in Nairobi for publishing the FIRST BOOK OF DIRTY POEMS IN KENYA!!!!!! It reminds one of Lady Chatterley’s lover law s uit with Penguin books in London in the 1960’s.....or maybe Lord Carson prosecuting Oscar Wilde!!!!!! WOW, how times have changed and how the world has made so much 'progress'.....

Special events: Sailed in the Massachusetts - Bermuda race in a Benetton 42 - some 100 competitors - 600 miles of ocean racing - which was very exciting and tiring - 3 hours on and three hours off for three nights and four days to finally cross the finishing line at St. David’s Light on the east coast of the island. Boy, did we sleep .... and party once we arrived!!! Bermuda is really such a beautiful island - and the sailing fraternity certainly is most hospitable!!!

Recently, we attended the 150th anniversary of the America’s Cup Race Week in Cowes.
My upcoming safari - I will be sailing from Cadiz - Gib - to Barcelona from August 22 to September 7th 2003.

PROFUMO SCANDAL - CHRISTINE KEELER......NEEDLESS TO SAY OLD CAMBRIANS WERE PRESENT WHEN 'HISTORY' WAS MADE.....Peter Hays will confirm that we used to frequent the BRUSH & PALLET in Queensway in about 1963-64 at the time that Christine Keeler, who worked/performed there as a nude model, was introduced to Profumo by Dr. Stephen Ward.... [then there was Randy Mice-Davies, excuse me Mandy Rice-Davis].....their pictures are all available on the Profumo web site.....

Living in New York, so if any OC is passing through The Big Apple, I would be happy to meet them.....and provide any help that I can......provided that I am in town....

(Registered - 8th September 2003)

If anyone wishes to contact Ted, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details