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   Alimohamed Daud


Alimohamed Daud

House: Junior/Grigg
Years: 1973-1975

Memories of School:
  • I remember Mr Keon, Junior Housemaster when I first joined ..... what an eccentric.
  • The prefects at Grigg house used to pick on me quite a lot, but they started respecting me because I knew how to open the kitchen window at night and I used to get extra biscuits for them. I also knew how to program the timer for hot water by putting my hand through a little hole in the door so that everyone could have hot showers instead of running out of wate. I still laugh when I remember all this.
  • Some of the friends I remember from my time there are, Jonathan Odonde (used to play golf and was good at electronics – used to make radio wireless sets), Muia (Ukambani), Wandera (was in Grigg House with me), Njeru (from Nyeri, he also went to Nyeri Primary School like I did), the Illko brothers, Geoff Simiyu (Grigg Head of House, 1975), Costa Correia, M.Shah (had a shop in Biashara Street), S.Shah (a swot), Bipin Shah (met him a long time ago, used to have a petrol station in Kimathi Street), Muigai (Jomo Kenyatta’s grandson), Gitobu Imanyara, Jonathan Toroitich Moi (he was in Scott House with Mohamed “Tifu”, our driver’s son, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago), the Mwongo’s (from my neck of the woods in Meru).
  • I also recall some of the teachers - Mr Moye (also my Housemaster at Grigg – caned me a few times), Mr Priestly, Mr Bentley, Mrs Bentley (our English Teacher), Mr Rowlands.
  • I would like to thank the kitchen staff, especially one of the Luo chefs, for looking after me especially when the tray went round and you were the last one, there would be nothing left.
  • I played rugby and hockey in the school team, hated football and cricket, also completed my 1 mile certificate in swimming.

    Since leaving School:
    I came to the UK in 1975, and did a Diploma in Business Studies, was supposed to do Law at LSE, but unfortunately had to go back to Kenya to help my father in his business in 1980, I had also got married the same year.

    I then left Kenya after the 1982 coup attempt and came back to the UK to pursue my studies, but by then the business bug had caught up with me. I then worked for a year before starting my own property investment and development company ...... that is what I am still doing.

    Unfortunately I have no photographs at all, but I intend to go to the school and request if I can go through the archives and get copies. I am now known as Ali Dawood Musani, and I live in Harrow, London.

    (Registered - 25th June 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Ali, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details