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   David Crickmer


David Crickmer

House: Junior/Intermediate/Scott
Years: 1957-1961

Memories of the school:
  • Having some good friends
  • CCF camp based in Nanyuki and taking a trip into the NFD.
  • Scouts and associated camps.
  • Social in Scott in 1960 with real live girls from KGHS
  • Guy Fawkes night with 50 cent bangers and other assorted fireworks
  • The swimming pool on Sunday afternoons with my cousin Roger Wooller
  • The library and reading room - both very well stocked. Spent many hours there reading in the World War II section.
  • Trips into Nairobi - ostensibly to visit the dentist or something but actually getting out of prep and visiting Osman Yakubs the second-hand store full of ex-army equipment. A real Aladdin's Cave.
  • Best teachers I ever had with Hill for maths and Caswell for Science for School Cert
  • Films in the hall, especially the Quatermass Experiment - at the time quite a horror film
  • Lining up for mass school injections. The needles got blunter as the queue moved on! TAB and 'baboon's blood' against polio
  • Listening to 'The Day of the Triffids' on a crystal set after 'lights out' and the discussions the next day
  • The trip home on the train to Kisumu and trying to smoke 60 cigarettes before the train arrived!! (Was as sick as a dog!)
  • Going on a 'practice run' of the cross country course and ending up at a friend's house munching biscuits when, I believe, the whole house was gated
  • Playing squash and tennis - the latter badly, the former, not too bad
  • Discovering photography and using the cupboard under the stairs in Scott as a dark room
  • Refugees coming to the school from the Congo. I loaned my raincoat to one of them ....
  • Not really part of the school but I was still a student there at the time: Outward Bound Course January 1961 and the view from the upper slopes of Kibo at sunrise. Never been that fit before or since ...

    What I have done since:
  • 1961 Returned to England and attended Wanstead County High School
  • 1963-1966 Borough Road Teacher Training College
  • 1966-1969 Teaching in Northolt, Middlesex
  • 1969 Came to New Zealand for a two year working holiday but been here since.
  • Taught in Westport, Auckland, Kimbolton, back to Auckland.
  • Now Principal of an Intermediate School with 600 11 to 13 year olds
  • 1978 Married Marguerite and have one daughter, Sarah, who is training to be a teacher.

    We live in West Auckland on 5 acres with two cats, 10 sheep and a number of rabbits which I am trying to eliminate.

    No photos at all. The trunk in which they were stored, along with copies of the Impala 1957 - 1960, was stolen.

    (Registered - 19th July 2003)

  • If anyone wishes to contact David, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details