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   Gordon Cree


Gordon Peter Cree

House: Fletcher/Nicholson
Year: 1966-1969

Joined merchant navy as an officer for 15 years, left as Chief Engineer. Explored for oil Zapata Gulf Marine 3 years.
Now in steel industry ( Engineering).

One abiding memory is that I, along with Mr. Pullen, made the new gates for the School in the metal work class; I had won the 1st prize for metal work that year 1968/69, the eyes for the Impala's heads, which were central to each gate, were made from old ten cent pieces, the pupil being the hole in the centre - not many people would know that.... wouldn't get away with it these days.

In the picture of Nicholson House 1968 I am top row 3rd from the right as you look at it, the first on the right is Valdimir (Vic) Piokowski, with whom I am still in regular contact.

I have no objections to you using my e-mail address as I would like to hear from:
  • Bev Wood
  • John Hope
  • Sandro Finotti
  • Papadimitrious Papadamitriou, ( or something like that, Papa for short)
  • Lawrence John Russel McCrum,
  • et al....
    Also any new from anyone who might remember me and the Triumph 650 I rode to School.

    Image of Gordon Cree - 1967
    Gordon Cree - 1967

    (Registered - 26th October 2003)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Gordon, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details