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   Ian Clark


Ian Oswald Clark

House: Intermediate/Scott
Years: 1961-1962

Memories of the School:
  • Member of Chapel Choir. I was due to sing solo soprano but voice broke during rehearsal.
  • Member of the Scout Group and went on a 2 day hike to obtain my Scout Cord. I was joined by a fellow Scout (name?), he was the son of Regimental Quarter Master at Kahawa Camp. He kitted us out with a 2 man bivvy and provisions. We set out and on the first day passing through coffee farms. We munched dried coffee beans. It was during the long drought. That first night the drought broke. Whilst cooking at the flap of the tent and cooking sausages in a mess tin, the cooker got knocked and hot fat spilt over my exposed leg. This caused burns and large burn blisters. The following morning and much pain we decided to head for the nearest farm to get assistance. The route was longer and hard (wet canvas tent and gear) as the rains had filled up the dried river bed. After some miles we got to a farm and we were taken back to the school. I was then put into the san for recovery for a few days.
  • I achieved bronze life savers medal.
  • I did not like French and Latin.
  • I recall carrying our books in old olive green army back pack.
  • Working parties clearing out monsoon ditches and other jobs. If we did things wrong we were given working hours by the prefects. If we collected 3 hours we got 6 of the best by the Head Prefect and his cane. On getting over 2 hours we did other things to get the cane which meant we did not have to do the working party. Prefects changed the rules to the cane and working party.
  • If one swore we had to chew soap and gargle, made throat raw and could not eat evening meal.
  • Obtained School colours for hockey and a Maths prize.

    Since leaving School:
    At 15 and just 5 ft, I joined the British Army, REME to undertake an apprenticeship in Electronic Control Engineering. On completing 16 years most of which in Germany, I returned to UK (Wales) to start a career in Quality Assurance management in the Semi-Conductor industry. Spent 23 years in that field which also included consultancy and part time lecturing in Quality Assurance.

    Ian Clark

    (Registered - 5th November 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Ian, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details