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   Dave Carpenter


David (Dave) Carpenter

House: Hawke
Years: 1960-1965

Memories of school
  • Long weekends home to Nakuru in the John Lenton family 203 pick-up - us two sliding around in armchairs in the open back as we motored down the escarpment and across Rift Valley.
  • Mr. Phillips (Hawke Housemaster) on the touch-line during rugby practices - with cane for encouragement.
  • Getting up at 5 o'clock to do Ben Sayer's dhobi - including underwear.
  • Having to admit to the whole chemistry class that I'd copied all my homework off John Gatti.

    Since leaving school
  • Mechanical Engineering (not very well!) at Aberdeen.
  • Apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce, then into RAF, initially as an engineer, but switched to flying almost immediately.
  • 17 years in RAF, then 17 with Monarch Airlines, retiring in 2006.

    Angie (a nurse) and I live in Cambridge. Katy (32) and Nick (29), are both in Nottingham.

    (Registered - 01 Jan 2010)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Dave, please Click Here to e-mail him