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   Dave Burn


Dave Burn

House: Scott
Years: 1955-1959

Many, but one incident sticks out apart from all the "tackies and caning" received. Old boy farmer dropped off a truck load of pineapples which we could purchase at 10 cents each. We made "pombe" and buried the bottles under a hut near the cricket oval. Lifted the bottles at the end of term and got quite merry on the resultant nectar. Lips swelled up like crazy and I couldn't look at another pineapple for about 20 years.

Since Leaving School: Went to college and qualified as a civil engineer. Am now working as a specialist in airport engineering, working on the new $1.4 billion Toronto airport expansion.

Image of 'Bendy' Benson & Dave Burn - 1956
"Bendy" Benson and Dave Burn - 1956

Image of Mike Tucker, Ian (Ache) Roberts & Dave Burn - 1958
Mike Tucker, Ian (Ache) Roberts & Dave Burn - 1958

(Registered - 30th October 2003)

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