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   John Brown


John Michael Brown

House: Rhodes
Years: 1962 only

Memories of the School:
  • I was a day boy and only at PoW for a short period of time. My father decided to return to the UK, so we left around the end of May 1962.
  • PoW reminded me of "Tom Brown's schooldays". Prefects used to shout "fag" and we had to run whatever errand they told us to do. They also had the authority to cane the boys.
  • It was the first year when multi-racial boys were admitted. I remember one of them, Mubarak Samji, as being the best academically in our class. Also, Mubarak's parents owned a restaurant in Nairobi that had the best samosas I have tasted, EVER!!
  • Some ex-Parklands Primary School boys were also at PoW with me; Alec Kendray, Teddy Grobicki, and Michael Albrecht (who happened to have the same birthday 16-Jul-1949 as me from what I can remember).
  • I was a good swimmer at the time and started to get involved in competitive swimming.

    Since leaving the School:
  • We returned to England and settled in Margate, East Kent, where my father's family resided.
  • I started at Chatham House Grammar School in Ramsgate where I completed my education. Whilst in my last year at Chatham house, I became interested in the Computer Industry. At that time, there was only one University/College of Technology in the UK that offered a Computer Science Degree. I was offered a job with Volkswagen UK Ltd as a "Data Processing Trainee", and I was a guinea pig for what was to become a very successful venture for Volkswagen. After me, they recruited lots of graduates from the local High Schools and trained them internally.
  • After 7 successful years with VW, I was recruited by Scotiabank and emigrated to Toronto in 1975.
  • I have been here ever since, working in the IT industry mainly in the financial and government sectors. I now have my own Consulting Business (Nyali Consulting Services Inc.).
  • All my immediate family still remain in the UK, and I go back regularly to visit them.

    I went back to Kenya in 1988 to revisit all the places I could remember. While I was there I visited the Nairobi School and it brought back many childhood memories.

    (Registered - 8th November 2008)

  • If anyone wishes to contact John, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details