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   Jonathan Nicholas Borrett


Jonathan Nicholas Borrett

Nicknames: Jon / Jan / Johnnie
House: Junior/Nicholson/Grigg/Fletcher
Years: 1965-1968

I was at Princo from 1965-1968 in Junior/Nicholson/Grigg and then finally Fletcher (the constant changes due to inevitable "Non-Satis" for every subject, both the pink & white cards - Behaviour & Performance!

Forced to the UK in 1968 where I passed a number of years on the buses, in the Fire Service, my own construction company, security company, then telecomms company, ending up working as Tech Director of a large Mobile company, finally briefly with Vodafone, before leaving to live in Spain.

Currently in Denia (Costa Blanca) running small hotel, restaurant - www.hostal-cristina.com

Still in touch with a few of my old class, etc, especially Huck Pratt. Wondered what happened to Willie Pinto, Mike Orphee, Mike Andersen, Doug Machura, Henry Nyanjoka, "Durra" Engineer, Mike Rawlings, Bruce Field, Mike Walsh and so many others. Was great to learn of this site and see a few names I remember.

So many "live" memories of my time at Princo and the friends I made there. But also remember vividly the bad times, especially my non-relationship with Roy Irwin (P.E.) and "Ferdy" Keon (French), "Tin ribs" and Mr David Hogg(e) the Dean of Discipline!

(Registered - 28th January 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Jon / Jan / Johnnie, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details