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   Nigel Bonnett


Nigel Bonnett

House: Junior/Fletcher/Hawke(briefly)/School
Years: 1962-June 1968

Memories of School:
Only claim to fame was as Captain of the School Shooting Team.

Since leaving school:
Having failed to convince my father that doing nothing worked for me, I was given a one way air fare to the UK by my father so I could apply to join the RAF. Accepted as a direct entry Flight Engineer staring Dec 1968.

After training, joined 47 Squadron early 1970 and flew Hercules (C130s) as a Seargant Flt Eng till purchasing my discharge in May 1976.

Worked for Transmeridian Air Cargo on CL44s for 2 weeks then joined Uganda Airlines flying as Flt Eng on a C130 freighter. Met Idi Amin once and wittnessed the raid on Entebbe live from just outside the Airport. Left in November 1976 to join British Airways and after another year training flew as Flt Eng on B707s until 1983 then converted to Tristar until Dec 1992 when BA sponsered me for pilot training.

Rejoined the Tristar in June 1993 as a Flt Eng till a place as First Officer came up in early 1994. 1997 coverted to B777 as First Officer, then in 1999 converted to B737 as Captain. 2002 converted to B757 & B767 as Captain where I remained till I retired end of October 2005.

In the meantime in 2004 we had sold our house in UK and moved to Cyprus with the intention of retiring to, and living permanently in, Cyprus.

(Registered - 3rd July 2006)

If anyone wishes to contact Nigel, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details