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   Greg Becker


Greg W. Becker

House: Clive
Years: 1962-1965

While at the Patch, I learned:
  • That I was a much better swimmer than student
  • How to live and deal with people of every imagined nationality
  • How to smoke cigarettes (see photo below).

    After 4 wonderful years in Kenya, I returned to the United States and studied business and economics at a small New England college. I then worked for a firm in New York City for 25 years, got married and have two boys ages 24 and 22.

    If I could repeat my years at PoW, Im sure that I would be more appreciative of the whole experience the beautiful campus, the wonderful atmosphere, the great friends and how tirelessly Oliver Wigmore and staff worked to give me (us) a decent start.

    My First Day At POW

    Image of Couperus

    I believe this was taken under the floor of Grigg House (if not, then it probably was Nicholson House) in 1962. I tagged along with the Chetham brothers on the train from Mombasa. We arrived at PoW before the other boys and had run of the campus for the day. Anthony Chetham is on the right of the photo above and his brother, David, is to his right. I dont remember the names of the two blokes to the left of David maybe someone can identify them?

    (Registered - 4th December 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Greg, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details