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   David Ball


David Ball

House: Grigg
Year: 1956-1960
(Note from Webmaster: This 'registration' has been adapted from David's e-mail to Antony Williamson)

I was at the 'cabbage patch' from 1956 to 1960 after Nairobi Primary, following my brother Peter. I was in Grigg and remember getting smokers cuts from Monty Yeger when Jake was too tired. I remember such illustrious names as Bruno deVincezo and Mike Zorab among others. Wasn't Willie Mac at Grigg or was he at Nicholson (or was it his son who was in Nicholson)? It gets a bit hard to remember after all these years.

Although time fades many memories, I often have cause to think of Canon Capon, the Burtons, Pussy Minette, the Amoeba (Mr Walker the Maths genius) and of course Johnny Riddell. Percy Fletcher is also often remembered with affection - he was the sort of gentleman that you meet only once in a lifetime - if you're lucky.

After the 'Patch' I was with Alexander, McLennan & Trundell, Kenya Regiment, de Barbier Import/Export and came to Australia in Oct 1967. I've lived in Sydney, Darwin, Sydney again and now Brisbane (as I'm typing this I can hear Roger Whittaker on the radio!).
I currently work for Caboolture Shire Council.

(Registered - 17th May 2003)

If anyone wishes to contact David, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details