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   Tom Bagley


Tom Bagley

House: Hawke
Year: 1967-1969

My father worked near Mwanza Tanzania as a soil conservationist so I was a boarder at Nairobi School during 1967 to 1969, and lived in Hawke House. Mr Ironside was the Headmaster. Mr Cave was the Second Master. I remember receiving "cuts" from him as well as the Hawke Housemaster, Mr Omumbo and his predecessor, Mr John Packwood I believe was his name. It was pretty much "us against them" with regards to the Junior and Inter Dormers vs prefects and authority in general.

Harmless fun, really but my bottom was warmed weekly, and I seemed to receive lots of work partys. I think I got away with more than I was punished for, but often they got me for stuff I didn't do. I'm convinced it kept me from a villainous life, experiencing crime and punishment at an early age.

Several of my African Hawke Housemates/friends (17 I recall) were expelled for starting a small riot in the Hawke/Grigg Dining building. The discontent, I believe was over the fact that many of the older African students were forced to do 'fagging' and chores for European and Asian Prefects who were often younger than the Africans. The African students felt that their parents had fought for independence and therefore should not have to be subservient. I think, in retrospect, their complaints could have been more properly expressed, but it was quite an adventure, and no one got hurt.

Jomo Kenyatta was President of Kenya, and on one occasion he greeted the School Band at Jamhuri Park saying "Asante Sana kwa Bandi". I played the euphonium.

I am a professional musician, and have been for 30 years now, 21 Years working for Disney and now doing a Dueling Pianos show in San Diego, California. I have a wife and two daughters, aged 5 and 10.

(Registered - 6th May 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Tom, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details