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   Godfrey Anyumba


Dr. Godfrey Anyumba

Nickname: Giraffe
House: Fletcher/Grigg
Years: 1966-1971
Memories of school:
Evergreen courtyards, discipline, elder brother took care of the bullies

Since leaving School:
Further studies in Britain and The Netherlands. Worked in Britain and Kuwait as a town planner. University lecturer in Britain, Kenya and South Africa.

In January 2004 I joined the Department of Town and Regional Planning at the University of Pretoria in South Africa as a Senior Lecturer. I worked there until 2010 where upon I dedicated my time to my firm Kilimakore Synergetics CC, which is a Spatial Planning company that was founded in 2008. Prior to this period, I did some private work, which was essential in order to survive on a University salary, but my first four years full time at my firm has been hectic and I have been involved in the planning of township tourism, eco-towns, rural settlements, rural precinct designs, cultural facilities etc mainly for South African National Departments (Ministries in other countries). This work enabled me to go to places in South Africa, which I enjoyed very much.

I invited my elder brother Charles Anyumba for the 2010 World Cup. He is ex-Grigg House (1965 - 1968), all round sportsman (except for swimming!) and Captain of Nairobi School’s Football Team, when they won the Provincial Competition for the first time. South Africa was the place to be in 2010!

In the meantime, my family and I became South African citizens, besides being Kenyan citizens. And I became a grandfather to twins on Kenya’s Uhuru Day – 12th December 2011! I am in the final stages of the preparation for the publication of a book entitled `The Eagle that Fished a Whale' - Dreams of an African Soul that is also illustrated by me. I have dedicated it to the late Keith Harrington, our beloved art master at Prince of Wales/Nairobi School.

(Registered - 29th Jan 2004) (Updated - 28th Jan 2012)

If anyone wishes to contact Godfrey, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details