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   Mike Anderson


Mike Anderson

Nickname: "Soin" or "Andresoin"
House: School/Scott/Fletcher
Year: 1966-1971

1966 in School House as I recall. Moved to Scott and then (as a prefect) to Junior Fletcher

Potted history:
I am a contemporary of (and remember them all fondly) Willie Pinto, Vic Baxter, Graham Wallace, Huk Pratt, Mike Walsh, Daryl Hecht (deceased), Dave Isherwood, Brian (Bunyo) Durrad, Douglas Seth-Smith, Dave Masheder, George Zibarras, Mike Orphee, Rob Bonnano, Celo Corrado et al. I also remember 'Junior' Preston, Mike Starling and numerous others.

Left Princo to go to Uni in Aberdeen, where I studied Geology, graduating in 1975. From there, I became a piano player in a whore house (joined the Oilfield actually, but piano player sounds more socially acceptable!). I am still 'Oilfield Trash', currently living in Aberdeen and in contact with Vic Baxter and Willie Pinto periodically.

I am married (took my wife and kids to Kenya in August 2005 as a silver wedding anniversary 'trip') with 2 grown up kids.

  • Good times with the above mentioned reprobates, including a 'road trip' to Loretto Convent, Limuru one night with Willie, Dave, Bunyo and Fred Pellini, where Dave got caught by the school askaris and had to face the wrath of Fred Dollimore the next day!
  • Going on a field trip to Ol Donyo Sabuk in my Fiat 850 (aka Jogoo Taxi) with Willie, Dave and Bunyo and not being able to find Mr John Eaton and the rest of the class!
  • Using the swimming pool during school holidays and diving in with fluorescein 'bombs' in our swimming trunks.
  • Rugby trips to Machakos and RVA in the school lorry, singing rugby songs.
  • 'Pansy' Potter and his 'verandah boys' and 'nicht ein' sessions.
  • Not so good memories include '6 of the best' from Mr David Oxlade for smoking in Daryl Hecht's mum's car outside of the school gates.

    I would love to be able to get in touch with many of the old shenzi from those days - Steve Woolgar, Dave Isherwood, Huk Pratt, Fred Pellini and Bunyo Durrad, especially - if anyone knows where they are.

    (Registered - 19th May 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Mike, please Click Here to e-mail him