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   Mickey Allen


Mickey Allen

House: Fletcher/Nicholson
Year: 1963-1965 & 1967- June 1970
Memories - Many different ones including:-
  • Seeing Mt Kenya in one direction and Mt Kilimanjaro in the other at the same time one exceptionally clear morning
  • Seeing someone "tapping" the call-box near the quad to get free phone calls.
  • Boxing matches where Teddy Meerloe (sp?) won, covered in blood.
  • Being chosen for positions in the hockey team, as my name was at the start of the alphabet, I became the goalie, and then had hordes of mad prefects flicking hockey balls at my face, whilst pretending to be aiming for goal.
  • Mike Anderson telling me that "Led Zeppelin" was druggie music.
  • Paul Bracy bunking off at the sailing club listening to "Cream".
  • David (?) Weinstein proudly playing the "Beatles White Album" .
  • David (?) Weinstein getting an involuntary haircut.
  • The Durrell brothers and the strange case of Mr Dollimore's missing dachshund dog.
  • Dave Isherwood telling Alfredo Pellini, Mike "Shelli-shelli" and myself that the world would end in 1976 (he was a Jehova's Witness).
  • Rugby training supervised by "Jack" Frost (Nich pre), where we were told to line up a breast; when I told him I didn't have any, I had to run round the pitch several times.
  • Standing on the top diving board, and trying to psyche myself up into diving in
  • On a rugby trip to RVA, cadging fags off a passing muzungu car that was overtaking us at 40mph
  • The matron in the San saying "come back tomorrow" even if you were at deaths door
  • The food, even now strawberry jam makes me feel sick!
    and countless others.........

    (Registered 31 Oct 2003)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Mickey, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details