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   Victor Mulusa Akidiva


Victor Mulusa Akidiva

Nickname: Akidiver
House: Tana (Fletcher)
Years: 1998-2001
Memories of school:
I was Deputy Head of School (Academics Year 2000-2001). I loved inspecting the guys and dismissing the Quad assembly on Sundays.

The best memories are of hearing Mr Awour reading rugby results every Wednesday .....
Nairobi School 100 - Alliance 3
Nairobi School 95 - Mangu 10 .... it used to give me a blast!!!! Cheering our rugby team was a religious activity! We will always be the best!

The discipline and strict routines made the school look military, as I suffered especially as a rabble, I appreciated the fact that it was a rite of passage.
Without a doubt, Nairobi School is the most beautiful institution in Kenya.
That is a lasting memory that I will always cherish.

Since leaving School:
  • I have a degree in computer technology and I am now going through my masters degree in Strategic management.
  • I work as an Information Security and Risk Consultant for a local company in Kenya, and live in Madaraka Estate near Nairobi West.

    (Registered - 16 Sept 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Victor, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details