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   Old Cambrian Society (UK) - Annual Lunch - Saturday 25th April 2020

  For a list of those attending - see below          For a Booking Form - Click Here

Old Cambrian Society (UK)
2020 Annual Lunch & Reunion

Saturday 25th April 2020

at the The Royal Air Force Club
128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY

A fantastic opportunity to meet up with 'old' school friends
from around the world, and enjoy a lunch in the opulent surroundings
of one of London's private premier clubs

12 noon to 5pm - Cash bar in The Churchill Bar (ground floor)
12.45pm - Lunch in The Ballroom (first floor)

Update of OCS and OCSET activities
Slide Show of Photos of The School & "old boys"

Baked goats cheese, encased in pistachio nuts,
poached aromatic pear & quince jelly

Chicken supreme, mushroom & asparagus & tarragon veloute sauce
French beans & new potatoes

Crème brulee

Coffee and petits fours

(Vegetarian & Special Diet options available upon request)

Price - £45 per head

 For a Booking Form - Click Here 

List of Old Cambrians & Guests attending the Lunch

 Name                                     House                      Year         Country           
1Murdoch, R. Alan - Host Rhodes 1945-50 Spain
2    Guest: Rosemary Murdoch      
3Aikin, Keith  -  Chairman Clive 1954-8 England
4Le Feuvre, Steve - Secretary Clive 1970-5 Jersey
5   Guest: Vicki Le Feuvre  
6McCulloch, Michael - Treasurer Scott 1955-61 England
7Baxter, Vic Grigg 1965-9 Scotland
8    Guest: Laura Baxter      
9    Guest: Ali Baxter      
10Baxter, Dorian Grigg 1963-7 Canada
11Lander, Martin Fletcher 1965-7 England
12Zibarras, George Fletcher/Grigg 1964-9 Kenya
13Montgomery, Nigel Hawke 1963-8 England
14Montgomery, David Hawke 1964-9 England
15Pavlidis, Paul Hawke 1963-8 England
16Meerloo, Ted Nicholson/Scott 1962-7 England
17Rawlings, Mike Rhodes/Fletcher 1963-7 Kenya/England
18Corner, Clive Rhodes 1962-7 England
19    Guest: Izzy Hutchison      
20Frost, Richard Nicholson 1964-8 England
21Stuart, Jeff Fletcher 1965-6 England
22Albrecht, Mike Hawke 1962-7 Philippines/England
23Middelboe, Hans Nicholson 1963-7 Denmark
24Winter, John Scott 1959-63 England
25    Guest: Muck Winter      
26Colborn, John Scott 1962-4 England
27    Guest: Kate Colborn      
28Wood, Bev Nicholson 1967-9 England
29Wride, David Clive/Fletcher 1959-65 England
30Robinson, George Rhodes 1960-3 England
31Gatti, John Hawke 1960-5 England
32Dokelman, Charles Rhodes 1957-60 England
33Jenkins, Richard Rhodes/Fletcher 1960-5 England
34Dokelman, Bernard Rhodes 1960-3 England
35Dokelman, David Rhodes 1962-4 England
36Jeffries, Brian Grigg 1949-53 England
37    Guest: Jen Jeffries      
38 Sirley, Jerry  (Ilan) Scott 1953-9 England
39    Guest: Anne Sirley      
40Ghadialy, Narendra Clive 1970-3 England
41Ellis, Tim Scott 1960-4 England
42Leith-Smith, Peter Scott/Fletcher 1959-64 England
43Leith-Smith, Paul Fletcher 1963-4 England
44Cosgrove, John Scott 1959-63 England
45Dawson, Henry Nicholson 1956-60 England