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   Old Cambrian Society (UK Branch) - RAF Club, Piccadilly, London - 30th April 2016

Old Cambrian Society (UK Branch)
Annual Lunch/Reunion
Saturday, 30th April 2016
at the Royal Air Force Club, Piccadilly, London.


A total of 89 Old Cambrians and guests attended the 2016 annual reunion lunch, 15 more than last year, and had a fantastic time reminiscing about the time they spent in their formative years at the Prince of Wales School/Nairobi School.


The Royal Air Force Club in Piccadilly, London really is a superb venue, so opulent and classy and totally appropriate for the “old boys” of Kenya’s best school.

Once again it was a truly international event, with Old Cambrians travelling from all over the world for the lunch - from Kenya, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Jersey, Scotland and from all over England.

Old Cambrian Society Secretary, Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-75), acted as Master of Ceremonies for the day, and Host for the event was Royal Air Force Club member Alan Murdoch (Rhodes 1945-50). Grateful thanks was expressed to Steve and Alan for organising such a successful gathering, which gave Old Cambrians the opportunity to see old school friends, in some instances with "old friends" not having met up up for over 50 years.


Table 1
(L-R) - Standing: Robin Dine (Scott 1955-9), Pippa Dine, Rosemary Murdoch, Alan Murdoch (Rhodes 1945-50)
Seated: Brian Hooper (Hawke 1945-9), Maurice “Taffy” Slapak (Grigg/Nicholson 1942-8), Cedric Gunson (Hawke 1942-8),
Ray Birch (Hawke/Grigg 1942-6), Jean Brown, Carole Rogers, Brian Jeffries (Grigg 1949-53)


Table 2
(L-R) - Standing: Sergio Lecchini (Clive 1950-5), Anne Sirley, Jerry Sirley (Scott 1953-9)
Seated: Vera Lecchini, George Coventry (Clive 1953-8), Alice Manussis, Keith Aikin (Clive 1954-8), Michelle Blunt,
Peter Blunt (Scott 1954-8), Jean Andrews, Mike Andrews.

Table 3
(L-R) - Standing: Henry Dawson (Nicholson 1956-60), Anthony Burton (Rhodes 1955-60), Philip Sherwin (Hawke 1959-63), George Thornton (Grigg 1954-8),
John Davis (Grigg 1956-60), Peter Keer-Keer (Grigg 1955-60), Peter Simpson (Scott 1955-8), Denis Faugust (Hawke 1955-9)
Seated: Yvonne Faugust, Michael McCulloch (Scott 1955-61), Neville Watson (Scott 1953-9)


Table 4
- Standing: Rick Tyekiff (Rhodes 1956-61), Keith McAdam (Nicholson 1958-62), Hadley Cooper (Clive 1959-61),
Brian Eddy (Nicholson 1955-60), Ian Roberts (Scott 1956-60), Geoff “Jock” Elliott (Hawke 1955-60)

Seated: Barrie Hailstone (Nicholson 1956-8), Maureen Hailstone, Michael Jenkins (Hawke 1956-9), Judith Jenkins, Rosemary Eddy

Table 5
(L-R) - Standing: Humphrey Nightingale (Scott 1962-7), David Dokelman (Rhodes 1962-4), Bea Allen, Graham Tooley (Scott 1959-63)
Seated: Roger Polhill (Scott 1951-5), Ross Tooley (Scott 1963-7), Paul Leith-Smith (Fletcher 1963-4), John Cosgrove (Scott 1959-63),
Peter Allen (Rhodes 1959-64), Peter Leith-Smith (Scott/Fletcher) 1959-64), Jim Dawson (Nicholson 1959-63)


Table 6
(L-R) - Standing: Mike McFarnell (Nicholson 1960-3), Dave Carpenter (Hawke 1960-5), David Walsh (Rhodes/Fletcher 1960-5),
Peter Knight (Rhodes 1960-5), David Wride (Clive/Fletcher 1959-65)
Seated: Bernard Dokelman (Rhodes 1960-3), George Robinson (Rhodes 1960-3), Lynne Storrar, Jim Storrar (Hawke 1961-5),
John Gatti (Hawke 1960-5), Bryan “Bill” Harris (Rhodes 1960-5)


Table 7
(L-R) - Standing: Mike Kosmetos (Scott 1965-8), Mike Rawlings (Rhodes/Fletcher 1963-7), Terry Davidson (Scott 1965-8),
George Zibarras (Fletcher/Grigg 1964-9), Nigel Montgomery (Hawke 1963-8), Boris Tisminieszky (Scott 1961-6)
Seated: Paulo Mariotti (Grigg 1967-9), Alaric Worrod (Rhodes/Fletcher/Clive 1963-8), Clive Corner (Rhodes 1962-7), Izzy Hutchison,
Ted Meerloo (Nicholson/Scott 1962-7), Jeff Stuart (Fletcher 1965-6)


Table 8
(L-R) - Standing: David Kitley (Scott 1967-9), Martin Erisat (Kirinyaga (Grigg) 1987-90), Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-5)
Seated: Bev Wood (Nicholson 1967-9), Suzanne Le Feuvre, Vicki Le Feuvre, David Mbatha (Kirinyaga(Grigg) 1990-3),
Mukesh Bhatt (Nicholson(Serengetti) 1972-7), John Omany, Jonathan Odonde (Kirinyaga(Grigg) 1973-8), Martin Erisat’s son.


Old Cambrians enjoying their reunion lunch in the Ballroom at the Royal Air Force Club

L-R: Henry Dawson (Nicholson 1956-60), Brian Eddy (Nicholson 1955-60), John Davis (Grigg 1956-60)

L-R: Mike McFarnell (Nicholson 1960-3), David Walsh (Rhodes/Fletcher 1960-5), Peter Knight (Rhodes 1960-5)

L-R: John Omany, Keith Aikin (Clive 1954-8), Jonathan Odonde (Kirinyaga(Grigg) 1973-8)

L-R: Ray Birch (Hawke/Grigg 1942-6), Brian Jeffries (Grigg 1949-53)

L-R: Peter Simpson (Scott 1955-8), Ian Roberts (Scott 1956-60), Michael McCulloch (Scott 1955-61)

L-R: David Mbatha (Kirinyaga(Grigg) 1990-3), Bev Wood (Nicholson 1967-9)

L-R: Keith McAdam (Nicholson 1958-62), David Dokelman (Rhodes 1962-4), Henry Dawson (Nicholson 1956-60)

Old Cambrians in discussion

L-R: Martin Erisat (Kirinyaga/Grigg) 1987-90), David Kitley (Scott 1967-9), Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-5)

L-R: George Zibarras (Fletcher/Grigg 1964-9), Jeff Stuart (Fletcher 1965-6), Nigel Montgomery (Hawke 1963-8)

L-R: Roger Polhill (Scott 1951-5), Jim Storrar (Hawke 1961-5)

L-R: Jean Brown, Ray Birch (Hawke/Grigg 1942-6), David Mbatha (Kirinyaga(Grigg) 1990-3)

L-R: Robin Dine (Scott 1955-9), Yvonne Faugust, Peter Blunt (Scott 1954-9), Denis Faugust (Hawke 1955-9)

L-R: David Wride (Clive/Fletcher 1959-65), Alaric Worrod (Rhodes/Fletcher/Clive 1963-8)