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Charity No. 1147210

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Update - January 2017

The Trustees met three times during 2016, and below is a summary of actions and decisions: 

Bursaries (covering tuition fees and boarding costs) would be given to needy and deserving students of Nairobi School. 

The Trustees formed a local (Nairobi) Selection Panel made up of Old Cambrians based in Kenya. This was decided at the meeting of Trustees held in London on 11th August 2016, and on 10th Sept 2016 Trustee Steve Le Feuvre met at the school with members of the Selection Panel to discuss the criteria to be used to choose recipients of the bursary.

The members of the Selection Panel are:

  • Leonard Mudachi (Naivasha/Serengeti (Nicholson) 1990-1993) - Chairman of the Selection Panel
  • Dr Wacira Kariuki (Nicholson 1965-1969)
  • James Ilako (Clive 1970-1975)
  • Abed Malik (Clive 1970-1975)
  • Moses Watatua (Tana/Marsabit (Scott) 1983-1988)

The Selection Panel interviewed all the applicants for the bursary on 16th Nov 2016, and produced a report containing their recommendations for the students to be supported. This report and recommendations were discussed at a meeting of the Trustees in London on 28th Nov 2016. 

It was decided to support four (4) students with bursaries covering 100% of their fees (tuition and boarding) for the academic years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The Trustees also decided to settle all outstanding fees that three of the students had been unable to pay during their first year at the school.

There is a robust system in place at the school to identify needy students, to check their backgrounds and current family situation, especially in relation to whether their families have the necessary funds to pay fees for the full four years that students are at Nairobi School. Mrs Susan Mwangi (a Chemistry teacher at the school) is in charge of pastoral care of the students, and looks after the welfare of the students.

Details of the successful students will be published once we have received permission from their guardians (and a parent where they have one), as under the law in Kenya they are all minors. We will then be publishing regular updates from the students that we are supporting, and following their progress at the school both academically and in the many extra-curricular activities that exist ....... as they did at the time that you will have attended the school.

Cost of Tuition Fees and Boarding Fees
Currently, tuition and boarding fees for one school year are in the region of 750 (seven hundred and fifty Pounds Sterling).

Total amount donated to date
The fund currently stands at just over 20,000 and this has been through one-off donations and also regular monthly (standing order) donations.
One-off donations:  15,000
Monthly donations:  5,000
Annually the monthly donations total approximately 2,800 (including the Gift Aid element).

Old Cambrians who have donated to the OCSET to date are:

   Aikin, Keith
   Allen, Peter
   Baxter, Victor
   Breed, Derek
   Burton, Anthony
   Capon, Tim
   Coleman, Ed.
   Cosgrove, John
   Coventry, George
   Davis, John
   Dawson, Henry
   Dokelman, Bernard
   Dokelman, Charles
   Erisat, Martin
   Foxton, Richard
   Ghadialy, Narendra
   Green, John
   Howie, Charles
   Hvass, John
   Jenkins, Richard
   Le Feuvre, Steve
   Lecchini, Sergio
   Lyle, Christopher
   McCulloch, Colin
   McCulloch, Michael
   Riches, John
   Sherwin, Philip
   Simpson, Peter
   Storrar, Jim
   Stott, Hugh
   Thornton, George
   Vernon, Hugo
   Wainwright, Eric
   Watson, Neville

Message from the Chairman of OSCET - Keith Aikin (Clive House 1954-1958)
"With a target of 100,000 or more, the Old Cambrian Society Educational Trust has to date raised just a little over 20,000. This has been through the generosity of just 34 "old boys" of the school that played a large part in what we all are today.

I would urge other Old Cambrians to consider donating money to this excellent cause, as we have only raised one fifth of the amount that we consider to be a sustainable fund for the future.

The OCSET fund will be kept and invested in the UK, from where pupil fees at Nairobi School will be paid. We are confident we have a stringent system of checks in place to monitor the proper implementation of the bursaries that we are awarding on behalf of all of you.

We need your help if the bursary scheme is to continue in to the future, as funds need to be available on a rolling basis. Costs for a student to attend Nairobi School (tuition and boarding) are now in the region of 750 per year, let's say 2,500 for the three years that we propose to offer bursaries for.

Why not sponsor a student that has been vetted by us throughout his time at the school?

Alternatively, you may wish to donate a sum of money to OCSET, and you may wish to make a legacy or add a Codicil to your existing Will.

This is an opportunity for all Old Cambrians to give something back to our old school that gave us all so much, and I do urge everyone to donate any amount that they can, whether it be in the form of a single payment, or a regular monthly/quarterly/annual donation.

I know you will give generously, and I thank you."


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Webmaster: Steve Le Feuvre (Clive House 1970-1975)