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   Edward Muthusi


Edward Muthusi

Nickname: "Teddy"
House: Naivasha
Years: 1988-1991

1st Form:
  • Learnt that I am worthless and that the world is an unfair place and I am insignificant.
  • Learnt that I can be used as a tackling aid during Rugby practice.
  • Learning that being the smallest guy in school earned great "chic" admiration in school functions
  • Learnt that "chic" admiration led to problems back in school, if you happened to slice a sixth formers chic.
  • Learnt how to complete a triathlon event in the wee hours of the morning, under the guidance of sixth formers.

    2nd Form:
  • Learnt that you could always take out your miseries by monolising a first former.
  • Learnt that I could still be used as a tackling aid during Rugby practice.
  • Learnt that cross country practice should slow down near Msongari and Kianda School vicinities.
  • Learnt that the more clubs you join, the more chances you get to get out of school.
  • Learnt that being a Trader helped one get preferential treatment.
  • Learnt that we were the greatest Rugby force ever (Won all cups, but the Prescott)

    3rd Form:
  • Learnt that smoking is harmful, but it sure felt great puffing away at the hockey pitches
  • Learnt that when the Maths Teacher "Ngweta" asks you if you smoke, simply say yes ...... he would be speechless.
  • Learnt that the Madam French teacher from KU was hotter than the hot Madam teacher that I always thought was hot.
  • Learnt that when the school gates closed at night, the school fences would open.
  • Learnt that being the smallest and meanest Monitor in school was just great, on condition that you always had bodyguards close by.

    4th Form:
  • Learnt that being a prefect was one of the greatest privileges on earth, I was God.
  • Learnt that when a prefect gets involved in fan violence after a rugby match, that prefect shall be stripped of his title and humiliated into manual labour all through mid term

    Since leaving School:
  • Graduated with BA (International relations), USIU - Africa.
  • Joined the creative world of advertising world Ogilvy & Mather and currently Lowe Scanad - Nairobi.
  • Moonlighted as radio presenter: Metro FM, Nation FM and Capital FM.

    Parting Shot ...... "THE RUGBY ANTHEM"
      Patchi kipenzi changu,
      Mimi Nimeapa,
      Milele kwa milele,
      Nitakufa na wewe,
      Patchi kipenzi hakuna mwengine duniani,
      Patchi kipenzi hakuna mwengine duniani.

    (Registered - 8th November 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Edward, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details